Our Covid-19 Response


On Campus

Option #1. – On Campus / On Site

– Students will be expected to attend school Monday through Friday (8:00 am – 2:45 pm)

– We will be following the CDC’s guidance for reopening during COVID-19 safety measures to ensure staff and students’ safely.


Virtual Learning at home

Option #2. – Innovative Learning (Online)

– Students will be continuing their education online following their regular Class Schedule.

– Students will be required to sign in daily for attendance.

– More details will be released upon final approval from scholarship (McKay, Step Up, Gardiner, HOPE & AAA).

Please check out our “Bring Your Own Device Guide” for guidance when purchasing your student’s device.


Campus & Home

Option #3. – Blended (On Campus and Online)

– Students will have the option to attend both on site and online.

– Parents must communicate with their Homeroom Teachers on days of planned attendance.

Please email us at DowneyChristianSchool@dcsdmc.com which setting your child(ren) will be in attendance for the FALL of 2020 (August – December).

Downey Christian School

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